Iowa Herding Dog Association

 Constitution and By-Laws


SECTION 1. The name of the Association shall be the Iowa Herding Dog Association.
SECTION 2. The purpose of the Association shall be:

(a) To encourage the preservation of working abilities and soundness of minds and
bodies in all dogs, with particular attention to the herding breeds.

(b) To protect and advance the working abilities, again with particular attention to the
herding breeds, by conducting clinics, seminars, trials and other related activities.

(c) To assist all interested persons by providing information on care, feeding and
training of the working dog.

SECTION 3. Members of the Association shall adopt and revise the By-Laws, when such
changes appear to be needed, so as to aid in carrying out the aims of the association.


SECTION 1. ELIGIBILITY. Membership shall be open to persons who find the object of the
Association favorable to them. Membership is unrestricted as to residence. There will be three
types of membership: Individual, Dual and Youth. In a Dual membership two votes are
allowed. Youth is a non-voting membership open to individuals under 18 years of age.
Memberships shall be from January 1st to December 31st. If a person becomes a member on or
after September 1st, they shall be considered paid up until the end of the following year. Dues
shall be paid by February 1st of each year. The member shall have a grace period until May 1st
to pay late dues before being dropped from the membership. No member may vote whose dues
are not paid up for the current year.

becoming a member shall make application on a form which shall provide that the applicant
agrees to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the Association. The
application shall minimally state the name and address of the applicant. The application and full
payment for the current year shall be submitted to the Treasurer, who will present it to the Board
for approval. Favorable votes of majority of the Directors present at a meeting shall be required
to elect the applicant. If membership is denied, all monies paid in advance shall be refunded.
Applicant may reapply after a six month period.

SECTION 3. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP. Membership may be terminated:

(a) By resignation. Must be written notice to the Treasurer. All debts must be paid in

(b) By lapsing. Membership shall be considered lapsed if not paid before May 1st.
The Board may grant an additional 90 days grace period in meritorious cases. Persons who are
in their grace period cannot vote if dues are not paid at the time of voting.

(c) By expulsion. Membership may be terminated by expulsion if specific charges are
brought against a particular member. The Board will then have a special hearing and vote to
determine if expulsion is necessary.







(a) Any business Board meetings will be arranged by the President with three days
notice to all Directors. A Board meeting can be held if five members are present.

(b) General membership meetings shall be held as needed, usually in conjunction with
a planned Association event.

(c) Annual Meeting shall be scheduled within a time frame from February 1st to April

SECTION 2. VOTING. Each member in good standing may vote.


SECTION 1. BOARD MEMBERS. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of seven
persons elected by the membership. Directors shall serve alternating three year terms.

SECTION 2. OFFICERS. The Board of Directors will select Officers.

(a) PRESIDENT shall preside over any meetings that the Association should arrange to
have. Shall appoint/approve committees which appear to be needed, and generally coordinate
Association activities.

(b) VICE PRESIDENT shall assist President. Will assist Secretary in mailing
Association notices and materials to members.

(c) SECRETARY keeps records of the Association, answers letters, send out letters
and voting materials, association notices, informational material, etc.

(d) TREASURER shall keep accurate records of all moneys received and expended.
Shall deposit all receipts in a bank satisfactory to the Board, in the name of the Association, and
make withdrawals for payment of bills approved by the Board. Shall keep up-to-date
membership roster. Will notify all new members of their acceptance into the Association.

SECTION 3. TERMINATION OF DIRECTORS. Any Director not attending the majority of
meetings shall resign.



SECTION 1. ASSOCIATION YEAR. The Association's fiscal year shall be from January 1st to
December 31st.

SECTION 2. NOMINATIONS. A Nominating Committee shall be chosen by the Board of
Directors during the month of October each year. The Committee shall consist of at least three
members in good standing from different areas. The Board shall appoint a Chairperson for the
Committee from the current Board of Directors.

(a) The Nominating Committee shall nominate from among the eligible members of the
Association at least one candidate more than Directorships to be filled. The Committee shall
then submit it's slate of candidates to the Secretary by November 30th.

(b) Additional nominations of eligible members may be made from the floor at the
Annual Meeting. Additional nominees must have signified their willingness to serve.

(c) The election of Directors shall be held at the Annual Meeting.



SECTION 1. When the time comes that the Association finds itself financially able to support a
Bulletin-Newsletter, an editor shall be appointed by the Board on a voluntary basis.


SECTION 1. AMENDMENTS to the Constitution and By-Laws may be proposed by the Board
of Directors or by written petition, addressed to the Secretary, signed by at least one-forth of the
voting membership in good standing. Then this is to be submitted to the membership with
recommendations of the Board for a vote. All amendments to the By-Laws must be passed by a
vote of two-thirds of the membership at the meeting.

SECTION 2. All amendments adopted by the Association shall be approved by the Board
before becoming officially effective.


SECTION 1. DISSOLUTION. The Association may dissolve at any time by written consent of
not less than three-fourths of the voting members. All debts shall be paid in full and any
remainder of assets shall be donated to a charitable organization benefiting animals, selected by
the Board of Directors.


SECTION 1. At meetings of the Association, the order of business, so far as the nature and
character of the meeting may permit, shall be as follows:

   Roll call

  Minutes of the last meeting

  Report of Secretary

  Report of Treasurer

  Report of President

  Report of Vice President

Reports of committees

   Election of Officers (at Annual Meeting)

  Unfinished Business

New Business


SECTION 2. At the meetings of the Board, the order of business, unless otherwise directed by
majority of those present, shall be as follows:

  Reading of the minutes of the last meeting

  Report of the Secretary

  Report of the Treasury

Reports of committees

  Unfinished Business

Election of new members

  New Business